Friday, March 12, 2010

An Interview With Keebler, Eh!

When I first moved from my beautiful homeland of Canada to the sunny desert of Las Vegas, my new roommate Keebler became a fast friend. We did fun things like party at a local nightclub called "The Rug" (check out my June 2009 entries for more about "The Rug"), and we watched the birds every morning. Keebler even took time to point out the best locations to take a nap, and I went to one of her poetry nights (check out my July 2009 entries for her poetry).

However, once hockey season started, that all changed, eh! Guess her Norwegian Forest blood runs deep and the Canadian hockey teams' olympic wins didn't help. In an effort to reconnect, I asked Keebler if I could interview her for my blog. She tried to appear as if she wasn't excited, but I could see that she was definitely happy to chat.

B - "We all know how I got here, but how did you come to live with my niece?"

K - "Well, I was what we call in the pet world as a "cue", short for rescued. Some pets are "homers", where they are born and never leave their humans. Others like you, are called "shoppies". Born then placed at a busy house with big windows and lots of visitors called "shoppers" that choose you and take you home. But me, I was one of "the lost". I don't remember how I lost my way, but fortunately some very nice humans got me off the streets and provided me with a humble, but comfortable condo.

My condo building was a pretty hoppin' place and was visited by a lot of people. I think my condo was right in the heart of some big time pet mall. Anyway, one day this little girl stopped by to see me. She must have really needed someone to talk to because she full-on took me out of my condo and hugged me and squeezed me!! I found it rude that she'd barge into my condo, so I bolted and hid under our condo building.

She must have still been lonely because she moved onto another resident, but as I peered out to see if I could go back to my condo, I could see your Niece and The Boy standing there. They had a lot of cat food and toys in their hands from the pet mall and I thought, that's fantastic! They can come hang at my condo! Party Time!

So, I went back to my condo and settled in, hoping they'd stop by. They did come by, but visited with a neighbor. Finally, they stopped to see me. The Boy and I had a fabulous conversation, and as they were leaving, I stuck my paw out and grabbed your Niece's coat just to say thanks for the visit. I think that was smart because a few nights later she was taking me from the condos to their house chuck full of pet mall stuff! I remember that night well because I was so excited to see her, and it was snowing like crazy! She drove very careful though to get me home safe and sound.

It's been a great time ever since... well except for the big long car ride when we moved from the snowy mountains to the desert. That was a very long day that I did not like at all."

B - "I hear you used to be called a different name, can you ellborate?"

K - "Yes, the humans that put me up in my condo called me Missy Cee. I gotta tell you, that is one funky name. Now though, I guess I'm named after some elves. That's kinda weird too, but I hear the elf guy makes cookies and I love cookies, so I'm ok with it now. I guess our ears are kind of similar."

B - "I can see that you are Norwegian Forest. Can you tell my readers a little bit more about your heritage?"

K - "Well, my great, great, great, great grandcats came over on a ship with humans called Vikings. My gggggrandcats were the best mousers ever, even though I don't know how those pesky mice boarded the ship! Let me tell ya, one of the things us Wegies can't stand are closed doors. I go around opening them all the time, which reminds me, if you have a door you need open, you just meow for me, ok? There's a Cat Fancy magazine in the human's bathroom that even says we're happy to reverse the effects of closed doors! I'll show it to you some time.

The human Vikings were very adventurous, and I think that rubbed off on us too. I feel lucky to be so observant and smart."

B - "I notice you like to eat. What are some of your favorite meals?"

K - "Ohhhh yes, I LOVE FOOD! Many cats call them "noms"! And I'm very lucky to have a very fast metabolism so I can eat and eat and eat and eat and never get fat. Plus, I'm very active. I know you're trying to lose some weight Boo Man so feel free to jog around the house with me at any time.

Things I love are chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, mahi-mahi, salmon, tuna, white cheddar cheese popcorn, vanilla ice cream, vanilla wafers, potato chips, Doritos, scrambled eggs with hashbrowns, cheese, and cat milk."

B - "As one of four girls here, what was it like to have a big handsome guy cat move in (by the way, that would be me, eh)?"

K - "Well, I didn't really mind, and I think Lila likes you, but I never hear the end of it from Newbe. It's just "meowrrr" this and "meowrrr" that. Get over it already honey! Oh hey, that's funny I called her honey. That was her "cue" name from her humans that found her a condo. Your Niece and The Boy named her Newbe when she came to live at the house full of pet mall things. She lived with your Niece and The Boy before I did."

B - "Tell me more about the other kitties here."

K - "Lila was the first. She's your Niece's favorite. Your Niece thinks we don't know, but we do, and we're ok with that. Lila was sick last year, and we're all very happy she's doing well. She's very nice but kinda different. When she meows no sound comes out unless she's really mad. I guess she's always been that way. I like that she's a long haired cat because with you Boo Man we now out number the short hairs! I like to think of us as the Long Haired Kitty Posse. When we all hang out, your Niece says it's a long haired kitty party! I love to party!

Frankie was next. She's a 'cue' too. She's pretty shy, but super chatty when you do run into her. I think she has pretty eyes. Like you Boo Man, she has different feet. She has extra toes. What is it like to have no claws Boo?

After Frankie there was Newbe, then me, and now you!"

B - "Sometimes I miss my claws, but for the most part, it's ok. What is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?"

K - "Oh, I tell you what is scary. There's a closet monster in this house. Oh yeah. I check all the closets every night looking for that loser. One night, he locked me in a drawer! Yuppers! He's so totally toast when I find him. I was minding my own business in the bathroom opening cabinet doors, and the next thing I knew, I was in a drawer. And not the big drawer either! A little one! Your Niece heard me and let me out. She couldn't figure out how I got in there, and I think she now believes me about the closet monster. I'm gonna get him, don't you worry!"

B - "If you could offer my readers one piece of advice, what would it be?"

K - "Spoil your pets with things from the pet mall. We're worth it!"

B - "Thank you Keebler for being a part of my blog!"

K - "No problem. I'm going to go see if I can sneek up on the closet monster now. Wish me luck!"

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