Monday, March 1, 2010

Meow Aye, Eh?

Boo Buddies - today is a new day!

After a heated debate (which started shortly after the Canadian men's AND women's olympic gold wins in hockey), it was voted that "eh" would be much more authentic than "aye." Lila pointed out that "aye" reminds her of Fonzie on Happy Days.... Point well taken my Maine Coon friend! I have to trust Lila since her feline roots are from a state bordering Canada!

So as this image demonstrates, I'm turning over a new maple leaf!

So let it be officially noted, "aye" is retired. We shall be a blog nation of "eh"!

Until next time, eh!

Pawsitively yours,

p.s. The official kitty vote was 3 out of 4. Newbe was too upset after the US hockey loss to vote.

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