Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pawesome Saturday, Eh!

My roommate Lila went to the vet today for a check up (I know, I know, it sounds scary since we don't like the vet, but she was very calm) and all external signs seem to show that she is still cancer FREE! That's such amazing news, and I'm so happy because I really like Lila - she's a great friend.

I was so excited to hear that her weight was the same, her belly was good, her temperature was normal. I guess they took some blood, but she said it didn't hurt and she got lots of chin scratches. The vet will call later this week, which I'm not going to like because I hate when the phone rings, but it's important because they can tell us more information that way.

Lila said she had fun riding in the car and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. She was happy to get home though because she was hungry and ready for a nap, eh.

She also said that a very handsome kitty named Chance lives at the vet's office and he was sitting on the counter. He had blue eyes and one funny ear. Lila said he was great at welcoming patients and making them feel at home.

So here's a bunch of big MEOWS for my healthy friend Lila and our new vet office friend Chance!

Pawsitively yours,

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