Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get To Blogging, Eh!

I've had a lazy, lazy summer. I know my fans have wanted more Boo Blog and less nap time, but nap time is just so darn good, eh!!

I like to think of summer as my hibernation time, especially here in the desert. I consider it a way to save energy as I require less air conditioning if I'm not running around. Obviously my roommates think the same thing. Here is what I like to call "Snoozefest". That would be 3 of my roommates taking a snoozer.

This summer also seemed to be the year of the hot paws. I'm finding that we all had to stick a leg straight out and get some air on our feets! Here are a few examples:

My tube socks are obviously warm...

Keebler usually keeps her legs warm with her tail, but she had to let the one leg out for some a/c!

Newbe likes to sleep in a round ball with her feet pulled under, but as you can see, she was having kitty hot leg syndrome too!

Finally, Frankie decided she needed a little air on all those extra toes while watching television.

I think the only kitty who didn't cool a leg this summer was Lila or maybe it just didn't get caught on film. WAIT! What is this? Hot off the presses it's a double leg cooling by none other than Lila!!

Well folks there you have it - a summer full of kitties coolin' their tootsies! Here's to keeping our toes warm this winter. Can't wait!

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Man

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