Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gigunda, Eh!

Niece said she showed one of my rockin' photos to her boss today, and he said I was gigunda. I'm pretty sure that was human speak for PAWSOME!

However, after some research, I have discovered it's human speak for my rad hockey body. Yeah, that's right - I'm a solid defender of the net. A blocking, rocking machine!

Niece says I can believe that if I want but she has a better example. Let's see what this is all about, eh!


That's just not funny, eh!  This photo was from a bad angle...and that mat I was on makes me look fat... and I just had kibble... and I was retaining extra fluff...  How about a better photo?  One we're I'm mean and lean!  Showing off my tight abs and ranging biceps.

That should do, eh!!

Pawsitively Yours,


Connie said...

Boo you are a very handsome fellow and we know for a fact you just super floofy and not really gigunda. Is just your supreme floofiness that make you look like a big guy. Besides, there is more to love. Hug hug hug Boomie the cat

Gwen said...

Nessie says "Peep! Peep peep peep pe--" and then she fell over and went to sleep. I believe that means "I like you better than the cat here. I think I could outrun you if I really needed to."


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