Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boo's Movie Review, Aye

Hello Hello!

Boo Man here with his first movie review! I watch a lot of television with the family now, thanks to the window seat being in the room with the biggest televion, and recently I saw a movie that was just hilarious. It was called "G-Force".

It is a live action movie with animated guinea pigs and it is just brilliant! And I'm so happy I learned what guinea pigs were prior to seeing this movie because it made it just that more enjoyable (see my November blog posting about Niece's guinea pigs if you haven't read it already).

G-Force is a good movie for several reasons:
1.) The animation is pawsitively stunning. They have caught every tiny feature of a guinea pig right down to the way they walk to the little blood vessels in their ears when the sun shines on them.
2.) The story is very interesting. They're trying to save the world!
3.) It's very funny. They dance and make jokes - good times.
4.) The music is great. Real shake your furry booty kinda stuff.

So if you haven't seen it and like to see animals that are spies and part of a secret FBI department that has the latest and greatest guinea pig spy technology, than this movie is for you. Go rent it at your video store today!

Don't forget the popcorn!

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