Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cat Litter Madness, Aye?

I think we've become kitty product testers around here. Over the past week one of our litter boxes was filled with a very strange, very messy item called Feline Pine.

The gist of this product is that it is all natural with no chemicals or perfumes like clay litter has, and it is better for the environment. (I guess they have to mine clay from the Earth, which is damaging, but pine trees are renewable.) I'm all for not licking that yucky clay dust and bad chemicals off my feet, but Feline Pine was a little too out there for me... and the other kitties agree.

It was basically saw dust... like if you went to a pine tree cutting factory and swept the floors and put it into bags to sell. The upside is the box it came in was very light, the downside is the product is too light. It was everywhere in the house! We kicked it out of the box, we tracked it down the hall, it stuck to people's shoes... what a mess!! It was starting to look like we lived at a country western bar where they purposely put sawdust on the floors. Don't get me wrong, I like to Boot-Scoot-Boogie, but this was just ridiculous.

As for odor control it did ok, but it got kinda gummy in our box and it was hard to sift. I guess these crazy Feline Pine people also make a heavier, pellet type of litter too but that stuff is for guinea pigs and ferrets, not kitty cats. Niece says we're not even going to try that one.

So this week, we're trying a corn based litter by Littermaid. They're the people who make our automatic litterboxes. We love those boxes cause they clean themselves (it's like magic), but I'm not sure what I think about corn litter. It kinda smells like Grape Nuts the cereal! We'll see how this week goes, but fortunately it's heavier like clay litter so hopefully it won't end up all over the place.

So in the end Feline Pine gets 5 paws down.

Stay tuned for more kitty product reviews!

Pawsitively yours,
Boo Man
Chief Product Tester - Canada Division
Meow Merchandising, Inc.

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