Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Is A Nebraska, Aye?

So around these parts, I hear lots of yelling at the television. This is new to me and I'm not sure why people yell at a box that doesn't yell back, but humans are pretty silly sometimes!

Through my undercover observations from the window seat (where I look like I'm sleeping but I really have one eye open... I'm sneaky like that), I have come to discover that they always yell at the same thing - football. Now I don't think football is as cool as hockey, but here in America it is very popular. Around our house, it is college football. I think it's neat that Niece and The Boy went to college - that's a lot of hard work! I guess in the end all that stress makes you yell at televised college football games for the rest of your life! MOL (meow out loud!!).

This year Niece's team, the Arizona Wildcats, did really well and went to a big celebration game called a "bowl". Unfortunately, this bowl wasn't filled with salmon or kibble.

The other team at this Bowl was the Nebraska Cornhuskers. One of Niece's best friends from high school lives in Nebraska and is a huge fan. So Niece made a bet. If her team won, her friend had to wear an Arizona shirt and take a photo, if Nebraska won, she had to wear a Nebraska shirt and take a photo.

Well some how I ended up in the shirt! WHAT?!! I'm not sure how I got pulled into this mess, but in the end we had a pretty funny photo to post on Facebook. Here's the picture of me modeling the shirt. I think I look good in red, but Niece says it should be Arizona red, not Nebraska red.

I hate to break it to Niece though, but Arizona didn't even score one single point at this big game so I wouldn't want to wear their shirt. MOL!!! She said that was ok though because she doesn't want to wear it right now either. Guess she's pretty disgusted, but not enough to wear this crazy corn-thingy shirt. What is a "Cornhusker" anyway? The midwest is wacky.

Pawsitively Yours,
Boo Crawford (just like the super model Cindy Crawford!)

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