Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Montreal, Eh!

Niece went to Montreal for business. I wish I could have gone too and seen Canada again, but who am I kidding - I already did that flight once and that was enough. So I just asked her to bring back some photos. Here they are:

Yuppers I've flown with these guys - they were very nice, but I didn't get the in-flight kitty snack or movie. That was rude, eh!

After many hours of flying, she made it!

Look a Canadian flag! Pawsome, eh!

Niece found a Subway restaurant and all the menus were in French. Oui Oui, eh!

Niece had a great hotel downtown.

Niece said it rained. Cats don't like the rain, eh?!

Canada is pretty, eh!

Meow at you later!

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